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At EDI Imaging, we specialize in turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Our services encompass a wide range of industries, occasions, and events, ensuring that we cater to all your aerial needs.

Drone photography by eDI Imaging

Aerial Photography: Unlock a fresh perspective with our awe-inspiring aerial photography services. Whether you are in real estate or architecture, or just need captivating shots for marketing purposes, our skilled FAA-licensed drone pilots and experienced photographers will capture stunning images that showcase your subject from a whole new angle. From sweeping landscapes to intricate details, we’ll make sure every shot is a masterpiece.

Aerial Videography: Bring your vision to life with our dynamic aerial videography services. Our team has the creativity and technical know-how to craft compelling videos that leave a lasting impact. From promotional videos for your business to covering special events, we’ll provide you with footage that tells your story with a touch of cinematic magic.

Mapping and Surveying: Our drone technology goes beyond artistic expression; we also offer accurate mapping and surveying solutions for construction, urban planning, and land assessment projects. Let our advanced drones gather precise data, providing you with valuable insights and streamlining your decision-making process.

Why Choose EDI Imaging?

Drone photography by eDI Imaging

Passionate Experts: We are driven by a passion for excellence in aerial photography and videography, and it is reflected in the projects we undertake.

Cutting Edge Technology: Equipped with the latest in drone technology, we ensure high-resolution imagery and smooth, professional video footage that captivates your audience.

Customized Solutions: Your project is unique and we understand its importance. We tailor our services to meet your specific requirements and results that align with your vision.

Local Knowledge: As a locally-based business, we understand the region’s terrain and its hidden gems, allowing us to create visuals that resonate with the local audience.

Client Satisfaction: Our commitment to your satisfaction drives us to go above and beyond in every aspect of our work. Your success is our success, and we take pride in creating lasting relationships.

Capture the World from New Heights: With our unrivaled drone imaging services, we invite you to experience the world from a fresh perspective. Our FAA-certified Part 107 Drone Pilots can help you with any projects you may need. Some project types we specialize in are Landscaping Projects, Construction Projects, Personal and Special Events, and Real Estate Showcases.

Package 1 - $150

10 High-Resolution Pictures: For the client that only needs a few pictures and a quick turnaround time, the most common package.

Package 2 - $299

10 High-Resolution Pictures and 30-second Video: For the client that wants a bit more, due to the editing, the video will take a few additional days to complete.

* If you have a specific job or request that is more specialized then please feel free to contact us for more custom-made pricing.


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