Preschool portrait by eDI Imaging


eDI Imaging takes great pride in its Preschool photo services. We have been providing services to Preschools in the area since 2002.

We strive to bring studio-quality portraits to the preschool classroom and our LOOK-BEFORE-YOU-BUY system makes it easier and more popular with parents and teachers alike.

How it Works

Preschool portraits by eDI Imaging

We arrive on picture day and photograph each student and then the class. We print the proofs there at the school and have them ready for the child to take home with them that day.

Included with the proofs are instructions and an order form. The parents are instructed to return their order to the school by the due date. We will pick up the order forms and return the completed school photo order within 3 weeks.

We also provide a 5x7 class photo for each teacher along with a CD including a photo of each student and class to be used for your school projects.

Guaranteed Quality

There is no paperwork needed for the teachers or parents on picture day making for a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. Parents will enjoy being able to select their favorite poses from the proofs. There is no obligation to buy and all purchases are 100% guaranteed.

Pricing & Products

We offer a wide selection of prints and packages as well as a range of products suitable as gifts for any time of year, such as Aluminum Ornaments, Silver Pendants, and iPhone cases.

Here is an eDI Preschool Order Form that can be downloaded and printed.